Pregnant? What are you eating?

When I was pregnant I had horrendous morning sickness in the first trimesters  both times.  All I could stomach was haribo sweets, fried eggs with chips and cheese and bread.  We all know that there’s no reasoning with a pregnant woman in terms of food.  You want what you want and you want it NOW.  Whilst pregnant I threw the mother of all strops at my husband because he hadn’t cooked me a shepherd’s pie (a pie I hadn’t mentioned to him, that we didn’t have the ingredients for in the house, that he actually didn’t even know I liked) which I then cried for over an hour about.

Can you help me with one of the chapters of my book?  I am going to be writing about the joys of being pregnant and the part that food plays.

What did you like to eat?  What couldn’t you stand?  Any weird cravings?

If you could let me know – either by commenting below or emailing me at that would be very much appreciated!



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