Prize winners

So, over October I participated in Sober for October for Macmillan.  It’s a long story – if I had time I would blog it but I don’t.  The edited version is that I got drunk quite a bit, did a lot of crochet, had prizes stolen and became a local media sensation *slight exaggeration* *OK a massive exaggeration* The whole experience has been pretty bonkers to be honest and most of all it has shown me what a wonderful lot people on instagram are.  Online friendships get a bad reputation but I think this proves how lovely they can be.

My current total is £1,350 raised through the coffee morning I had and the donations to the raffle.  I’m proud and gobsmacked.  There will be a bit more too as I am using the compensation money from My hermes to pay for the postage of the prizes.  Which should leave a bit left over!

Anyway – without further ado – here are the winners.

If  your name is on the list then well done!  Please can you email me your address to and I will post out asap.



star blanket from @pollypet – winner Laura Godfrey

Liberty print necklace – winner Nicola Sutton

Hat and bootie set – winner Helen Simmons

Owl hat from @sarh – winner Ala Awaysheh

Pedros-plaques needleminder – winner Suzie Beans

Black crochet bobble hat – Emma Ingham @flowergirl72

Word art from @sayitwithshapes – winner Clair Bradley

Wool mermaid – winner @prettylittlejewels

Vintage china – winner @karengresswell

Flower art print – winner Rebekah Norman @beksysnormz

Yarn bowl – winner @jodiesue

Hand made doll – winner @justjuggling

tea-cosy – winner Terri Dent @cakemuncher

Silver earrings – winner Caroline Oliver @agapanthus

Pearl and silver bracelet – winner Danielle Rigby @riggleberry-uk

Hand-painted fox plate -winner  Emma Wadsworth @easily-emmaclaire

Norfolk Bakes brownies – winner Debbie Parrott

hand drawn print by @traceychorley – winner Debra Waltham @debwal124

Knit me up white bunny – winner @sarh

‘This house believes’ sign – winner Claire Jaffe @claireej

Bird necklace – winner Laura Mackay @lauramaggiemack

Pink stone necklace and earrings set – winner Blanche Handsley @blanchie

Christmas bunting – winner Rosie Carpenter

Knitting sets – 3 winners – @gooseberryfool @funkykeepsake and @sharonhowe

Green elephant print scarf – winner Sandie Osborned @sandpants

Niki Cotton postcards – winner @Kerry_rob_bob

Star necklace – Danielle Hamilton @scranatron

Rose quartz – western heights necklace – winner Jenni Little @jenilouise

House shaped chalk board winner Kate Jones @katejonesRR

Love Heart – winner Sarah Whitmarsh

Pink crochet bunny – winner @frankeeb

Purple wool wreath – winner @ruralmummy